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in this accident. the neck of the top yeld crane fell across the water w a section of false work landing caltrans can't confirm if the crane was holding the work but it was involved in ñhpñ removing the steel from underneath the bridge. witnesses heard the accident happening before they saw it. under pinnings are dropping him on63&z the barge then we looked over and... polices were coming down. it fell down. >> i heard a grinding sound. it kept going. i turned around, the crane was gone. and scaffolding just falling over the bridge and onto the barge. >> roger has been watching the
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project for years from his office. hep+m had been watching false work removeal. >> there are8,>ç two cranes on open side sides. you lift up a section to hold it in place. then, they cut it lose, lowering it down. so when i looked over one crane is gone. scaffolding then collapsed. >> witnesses raced to help, thinking someone must be hurt. >> guys here from richmond yacht club got into boats were there in 30 seconds. nobody seemed to be hurt. there wasn't any problem they can deal w so they came back. >> the accident should not delay the new opening scheduled for this daib layday weekend. >> process of removing false work has been set back for at least this afternoon and perhaps, longer. but again that is a month long
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path to opening the new bridge. >> in the old days, the sortm@m of accepted formula was one fatality for every million dollars of a constructionc[jt% project. the new bridge is a $6.5 billion project. i'm not going attempt the math but zero fatalities. this std first significant accident since theu"'nñ work ben in 2002. >> they are. we want to take a look at that now. since the project began in 2002 there have been crew construction incidents n october of 2009 after about a month after the new s surf a truck crashed. that accident delayed rush hour traffic several hours, later in the month, a krogs bar, two teengs rods fell onto the upper deck traffic. two cars were damaged.
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the repair closed the bridge six days. by the way, countdown to opening of the new bay bridge is now 193 days. stay with us for latest >> prescription drug abuse fueling a crime wave. in all, half a dozen robberies from palo alto to san francisco. it's part of a national epidemic being addressed tonight in south san francisco. that is where abc 7 news is live tonight. >> this is a huge problem, there is a sense of urgency here. the california medical board and state board coming together to point out prescription drugs are a controlled substance, out of control. on the same day in january, armed men stormed two pharmacies and demanded pain
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relievers like oxycodone. five hours later at golden gate pharmacy in the sunset. >> i have noticed there has been more robberies of farm says. this is because of the fact that the demand for illegal prescription medication. >> on tuesday, armed men put a gun to the head of an employee at ag pharmacy on cesar chavez y similar narcotics including tylenol with codeine and viagraçó. >> it's a pretty high in demand as long as they can sell to it make other substance autos now, ag pharmacy says it's adding+fqmore surveillance cameras a panic button only ordering certain narcotics. >> we saw for the first time that drug overdose deaths
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exceeded motor vehicle fatalities as single largest cause of injury deaths in the united states each perts discussed crime health problem lems and lost production time caused by doctors over these drugs. >> it's a big problem. >> of this investigator says taxpayers are shelling out for a huge increase in prescription drugs for injured workers. >> i can tell you that worker's compensation paid $252 million in the last year. >> td white house deputy director for drug control policy is a recovering prescription drug addict. this is a far reaching problem he calls biggest public health issue facing the u.s. today.
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>> thank you very much. >> authorities looking for a man who pulled a string of bank roob riz. the sheriff's department released these photos today of a muscular white male wanted for five bank holdups in the past weeks. >> a public funeral service took place for a 13-year-old girl found dmaed a fairfield park. she was buried just hours after the man suspected of killing her appeared in the solano county court house, anthony lamar jones pleaded not guilty to murder, also charged with kidnapping lewd act was a child and rape. the victim was laid to rest in a cemetery in benicia. laura anthony attended the service. >> it's a lot of sadness but it's a home coming. she gets to go home now. >> while still coming to grips with how she died, friends and family of the 13-year-old
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spent this day celebrating the way she lived. >> she's a sweet young lady. you would never know she had a sad bone in her body. when he knew her, she always smiled and laughed. >> she was full of energy. wanted everyone to be happy. >> candice tells us her sister will be alls with her. >> she'd be like, calm down, stop crying i'm here no matter what. i'm going to always be here. >> in a solemn service genelle laid to rest in a white casket with red roses. the service three weeks after the girl's body was found in a park. >> i've never had to experience this. >> the principal of green valley middle[vçw school she waa bright, cheerful 7th grader. >> genell was a wonderful, honest, energetic child that
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will be missed. >> she was living with her younger brother in a foster home when she died. her birth mother attended the service. >> she made everybody happy. she would sing. >> deedee's daughter was a friend of genelle. >> it was a young child, kids can't go nowhere and feel protected and do anything we used to do back in our day without having to look over our shoulders. >> two dozen of those in attendance were classmates. the principal told thus hit them hard and that counselors will be available to them as long as they need them. >> about 30 students are occupying a building in san francisco. sky 7 fly over when officials
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locked the doors and students refused to leave. they're demanding toñi meet with the chancellor to voice complaints. the office says she will not meet the protestors. one told us they are now deciding how long they will remain in the hall. >> we'll stay on that story ofsj course. if you're with us last night you may have seen reports from washington. i had a chance to speak with the president during my interview with him. tonight the president is now reaching out to the republicans about those automatic cuts that will kick in next week. he placed phone calls today to house speaker john boehner. the president made it clear to me yesterday that the looming cuts will derail plans for moving forward. >> in your state of the union you praised troops and said
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they'd exceeded expectations and some instit yugs let them down.z)yév which were you referring to? congress one of them? >> all of us have to takebltvj responsibility for thinking about the same patriotism, duty responsibility on display in our military. and that means... you know, recognizing that we're a single team. >> the president frustrated with the stalemate over how to prevent $85 billion in cuts from taking effect in eight days. meat cleaver cuts he says threaten to cost jobs and hurt everyone from elderly to school children. not how the president wants to begin his second term. he thold me about his goals for the next four years. talking points echo bid cabinet secretaries i spoke with. >> if we invest $50 billion we can create thousands of jobs make the investments to get
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america back to number one again. >> graduation rates are poor in communities around the country. what do wed need to do? >> we have to get jobless rates down to zero. increase graduation rates make sure young people are graduating career ready. >> business looks to expand. impossible without capitol. life blood of the high tech innovation. >> when starting this job credit crunch hit small businesses they're just crushed and couldn't get a loan g news is that we've taken 100 pages of paper work out of loans so it's stream lined. >> part of an ambitious agenda. >> i'd like to get as much stuff done as quickly as possible. i'm just starting a second
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term. i know that once we get through this year, then, people start looking at mid terms and after that, they start thinking about presidential elections. >> will bes will be back on monday. deadline will be just four days away. i spoke about a variety of serious topics but we had aq÷ nice, lighter moment gone viral and i'd like to share that if with you later on in the newscast. >> more on spend pending spending cuts. mark math use will explain how to affect your travel plans this summer. >> in sacramento a report shows millions of californians are eligible for food stamps but don't enroll meaning we lose out on dollars.ñr >> clear skies around the bay area, i'll show how long this
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will last in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> new california gold rush. around a gold country ming around a gold country ming operation about to well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good.
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about half of the californians who could see food stamps don't meaning our state is missing out on millions of dollars that money that could be spent here. the story tonight from sacramento. >> nearly 3.5 million californians are eligible for tz>pin the program and found participate rait is only 55%.
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>> in california we still have more barriers than rest of the country it's absolutely why we have lowest rates. >> california requires things like fingerprinting and reporting of inincome every three month autos people get discouraged. >> aadrian just applied and found it frustrating. >> it is set up to be difficult, i believe. >> with 45% of the people falling through the cracks the report also found california leaves nearly $5 billion of nutrition money unclaimed. if the state were able to get q v for families to spend on food, they'd be able to spend more in local businesses. >> it's a win we just need to work hard to make sure access is there for people. >> they believe newer numbers will show a 67% participation rate. outreach has been beefed up to
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low income families to seniors who feel too exbarrased to ask for help. >> this administration put a strong effort on that. we're starting to see good results. are we where we want to be? no but we're making progress. >> benefits are a maximum $200 a month. >> it's saving my family right now. >> a san jose man will use his lottery winnings to create a real nest egg. he's buying chick yenz. marc brown told us how he took the winning ticket on christmas eve. he says finding out he won was exciting. >> hard to believe. i mean, your grand prize i knew odds you know? so... i never thought it would happen. especially down the street.
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>> mark mans to invest in roosters and chickens. the few he has deliver 30 eggs per day. it's no chicken feed. >> good luck to him. let's talk about fantastic weather around here. >> yes. >> we've had lovely mild afternoons. they're continuing. here is a live view. how about live doppler 7 hd. we're precipitation free. how about this view of the post sunset sky from our camera. temperatures 51 degrees in san francisco. 56 across the bay. another view from the western sky.zzx. giving us more of a view of the ski. temperatures 56 degrees. 54 in gilroy.
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the forecast features are these. i love this. we are going to have chilly conditions inland again with temperatures dropping down to near freezing in spo.s sunny mild again, tomorrow, there may be drops early saturday morning. i'll show youñi development of systems, high pressure continuing to build in. high clouds moving in our direction. the storm track flowing well north. this will remain in place until next week. atñi 11:00 moving south ward making its way into the bay area by overnight friday night into early saturday morning but as a dry front there could be a sprinkle or two with this system. clouds forming with some breezy conditions, overnight tonight, clear skies, chilling
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to cold conditions. we'll see 30s inland locations colder spots inland valleys of the north bai. lows dropping intoe; mid-30s, then another highs moving into mid-60s up to 63 in san jose. low 60s at redwood city. downtown, 61 degrees tomorrow, 65 in santa rosa, napa and sonoma. on near east bay, 61 in oakland. 64 in concord here is the accu-weather forecast. mild conditions and dry. we'll see clouds on saturday. clouds late next week wednesday, thursday. by thursday, high temperatures climbing into upper 60s to
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over 70. >> spring like weather continues. >> i like it. >> thank you. >> up next a san francisco bakery reaches a settlement. bakery reaches a settlement. >> it is a historic casean) 3 dg
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a minor earthquake centered in the north bay. strong enough tosp71c be built t too weak to do began. >>c÷,5x a restaurant in chinaton paid out checks to seven workers totalling 525,000s ndz back wages. the attorney says the employer required workers to put in 60 hours a week for $4 an hour, the workers did not want to appear on camera but a victim from another case urged others to come forward. >> share your stories.!?z.÷
6:25 pm
tell your friends. >> an attorney did not return our requests to comment in this case. >> a hopeful sign of hewlett-packard. slumping sales drove last quarter earnings down. hp stock went 6% higher. other stocks didn't do so well. nasdaq fell 32. despite a slow start, walmart went up. the cost of upgrading it's pipeline system is weighing on pg&e body line. safeway reported far better than expected results today. profits up more than 13%.
6:26 pm
the u.s. wine industry set a record of $1.5 billion in exports. 90% were of california wines. >> a state of emergency throughout the mid west. a storm is dropping just about every form of precipitation you can think of from missouri to arizona. >> political reporter mark matthews will be here to tell us how cuts could a.o.l. spoil your travel plans. one of the lighter moments.
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a massive storm pounding the mid west, snarling traffic and shutting down airports. in missouri the governor declared a state of emergency. sleet, freezing skprain snow are being blamed for power outages and thunderstorms forming in the upper atmosphere. a foot of snow is blanketing
6:30 pm
the heartland with transportation officials warning drivers to stay off highways. two traffic deaths being blamed on blizzard conditions. southwest is being hit. snow falling across arizona having an impact on spring training in scottsdale where fields are now covered with snow. >> what an unusual site. president doing all they can to jump start a deal trying to enlist of help of the american people for this. >> they're not doing that well. new poll out as you'll see shows 40% of americans are saying let the cuts happen. in spite of the administration full court press. time is running out. the day the president called republican congressional leaders to talk about $85 billion in cuts going into affect march 1 if congress
6:31 pm
fails to act. >> there is no other profession, no other industry where people wait until the 1m[h hour. >> yesterday with a series of interview the president pressed a message. the pentagon said it will be forced to post the work force one day per week. a ceo received if the support is cut, operation will be compromised. >> that is where+xao this hits hard. >> the thinking is that it will pressure republicans into making a dee. a poll shows 40% are saying no when asked if congress should delay the cuts. >> you need to start somewhere.
6:32 pm
turns out a lot of americans think it's a good place to start. >> when the secretary of transportation learned it will mean cutting back on air traffic controllers,. >> i think it would be painful. >> the scientist told us it shouldn't be a question of whose ox is getting gored. >> the right question is this the way to adjust your budget? or do it in a planned way? looking at all ways of lowering blending. we're not doing that. >> with just eight days left it appears cuts are going to hit for a while. >> you had a chance to speak directly about this yesterday.e big message from him. does he see a wait out of this? >> they're not talking about it without a deal being made.
6:33 pm
so he acted as if this could happen. the same thing happened before when this got kicked down the road but as you said it doesn't look good. >> all right this, was, you know a rare opportunity to speak with the president of the united states. terrific experience. i asked questions on a variety of issues confronting the count r country. we had a nice, lighter moment at the end of the conversation i'd tlik share. finld kind of fun. >> this is a political question you'll want to duck but how does your golf game holdup next to tiger's. >> that is not a hard question. he plays a different game than i do. he's on another plane. >> is he more nervous he's playing with you? or you more nervous? >> he knew that i wasn't a big
6:34 pm
threat to his world ranking. and i knew i better keep my day >> thank you, mr. president. >> thank you. >> they'll both keep day jobs. >> yes. >> it was a great opportunity to be in the white house. >> we've enjoyed the reports. >> see how it works. it's interesting. >> still ahead a dream come true. >> coming up next a
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acode kad my awards just day as way. you may be thinking about inviting friends over to watch. one couple getting ready for something much bigger than that. more on the film fanatic whose husband drew lucky numbers landing them alongside the red carpet. >> she just started screaming and going nuts. >> i said oh, my god. we're going to the oscars and i said, ah!
6:38 pm
>> that unexpected exmail was a dream come true. >> as far as i can remember, it's a little girl i remember watching with my mother and it wasn't so much about at wards more about seeing everybody walking on the red carpet. >> now, she and her husband, rex will see that fabled red carpet up close, they've won a bleacher seat. >> i would like to see danny devito. i've always liked him. >> one of my favorites is robert downey junior. i hear he's going to be a presenter. >> with big names, security is time. they had to pass a background check will have to show up at 8:30 in the morning and they'll be ready. >> my autograph book i hope to have filled up by sunday night. >> one question remains. when headed to the biggest event, what do you wear?
6:39 pm
>> these are a pair i will not be wearing. >> never mind racks of high heels... >> this is what i'm wearing. they say for us it's a casual event. as a matter of fact, they tell you flats so these are the shoe autos they may not be dressing like stars but feel like them. >> we're local celebrities everybody is saying this was in the san francisco chronicle just on sunday. >> that cute dog will have to stay home. >> he's probably big compared to those celebrity dog autos rex is getting a kick out of it. >> it's making her happy. that makes me happy. >> i wish my mother was here to see it. i love this -- my love of this i just wish she was here. >> exciting opportunity. vuk a front row heat. our coverage begins at 2:00 p.m. this year with an on the red
6:40 pm
carpet special we'll have a recap and your pass to the after parties followed by jimmy kimmel's special at 11:00. >> join us for abc 7 news oscar party on facebook. you and our 95,000 friends can comment on fashions and surprises. all have you to do is rsvp to like our page. >> the back stage pass feature is great giving you access to video and from the red carpet and it's available for i've yorngs android, kindel fire and sit free. >> i started thinking about the oscar snacks. still to come at 6:00 the drive behind california's new gold rush. >> new line about to begin operating.
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more than half a century after the big mining operations close there'd is
6:44 pm
renud interest now in california gold. it's value shot through the roof. still has momentum to bring back mining praigsz. the first of them is already to start up. tonight we take you inside a gold mine. in the sierra foothills there are reminders of the golden past. this was called mother lode for a reason. 7.5 million ounces of gold mined here. but in 1950s gold prices dropped and last of the mining operations closed. indicatored to tourists. the miners are coming back. >> we believe there is more gold. it hasn't been found yet this company set up shot. >> we're in the 10-mile stretch of the mother load producing 60% of the gold
6:45 pm
produced. >> the company just weeks from starting full scale mining. the middle of the stretch the company has the right to mine. the company knows there is more and it will reserve to $600,000. >> and and each glass puts them five and a half feet closer to the gold the ground they will puddle hundreds of feet. the gold is often small and hard to see.
6:46 pm
>> 150 tons of rock sent to a mill for processing. today, they can give gold as fine as powder. >> fish yensy of the recovery is about 30% more efficient. >> those mines devastated the environment leaving a mess it took three decades for companies to get permits. >> this can buy clean jobs in the area. >> the rate was nearly 12% last year. when the mine sup and running 110 people will work here saying businesses could see increases. >> that will bring additional
6:47 pm
employment. >> there is more than just jobs. there is a return of a legacy. >> it's exciting when you can see gold in the wall. >> it's neat to bring it back to live to be able to do something that is historical. >> the company poured it's gold inget. >> new gold rush. >> yes. >> let's get another check on the forecast now spencer is back with that for us. take a look at sky 7. no clouds, clear skies and cool conditions more mild afternoons tomorrow looking for mainly mild conditions, however, cold front will be dropping into the state. eureka will be wet tomorrow. and tomorrow, most locations
6:48 pm
south will have mild conditions in the bay area, chilly overnight. again. milder than today with high temperatures reaching mid-60s today. 65 -- did i say tomorrow. and take a look at the accu-weather forecast. i liked the day i wanted to hang around. tomorrow, mild through seven day period. a little chance of showers we'll look at highs in the upper 60s. >> very nice and inching towards spring. >> i've got 49ers news. >> we do. larry beil is here. >> yes. >> i've golt a decision to make. what do you do with alex smith now? nfl bosses may have converged on minneapolis.
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good evening, nba trade deadline came and went today. warriors made minor moves.
6:52 pm
the core remain intact. warriors traded away two second year players. the average almost six points a game had limited playing time this season. as for jeremy tileler he's leaving and going to atlanta. up and down this season averaging just over a point per game. thompson was the warriors top pick a year ago his name has been rumor bud he's staying. >> if everybody knows it's tough to get traded. but... you can look at this as an opportunity. and at the end of the day you're still playing basketball for a living so it's not that bad you know? >> i'm invested in them.
6:53 pm
i love these guy autos nfl executives in indianapolis. the hot topic is what do you do with smith? you trade them or do you keep them? smith could be the highest paid back up quarterback. alex would love to pick his own team. niners don't want to just give him away for nothing. >> i think if he asks anyone in our organization goring to say the same thing. he is a pro's pro. and have nothing but great respect for him, his family and we're going do everything in our power make the best zismgts are we going to trade him for sure? no. after a snow storm suspended
6:54 pm
match play yesterday, tiger woods and rory mcelwood. snow blowers are mandatory equipment. this is his approach on 10. check out bounce skmeerkts roll. for regoal. he lost to marcus fraish yes, one up. rory mcel roy going home. shane laurie one up chipping in from the rough on 12. tiger losing to charles howl the third. second ground play begins tomorrow. and you know we don't run a lot of ping pong highlights behind the back to win that point it's so fast, you can barely see it.
6:55 pm
watch the reaction. are you kidding? is that legal? yes. >> you're right. >> yes. >> thank you. >> join me tonight on cable channel 13. >> what makes us human may not be unique. first animals to call each other by name. >> then at 11:00 making old technology promising to chaimpkt way you look. >> then on jimmy kimmel live. >> wonder if he's had a chance to test drive tesla. >> that does it nor edition of abc 7 news. >> from all of us here, thanks >> from all of us here, thanks for watching.
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this is the "jeopardy!" tournament of champions. now let's meet today's semifinalists -- a history professor from leland, michigan... a high school world history teacher from chicago, illinois... and a bartender from wesp, new york...
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and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thanks, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. well, the young woman from nasa, kristin morgan, is relaxing for the next few days, waiting to see which semifinal winners will join her next week in playing for $250,000. today, it'll be dan, colby, or stephanie. good luck. here we go into the jeopardy! round. and now we reveal the categories. and in that category, you must take the clues in order from top to bottom. dan, start. heavy metal heroes, $200.
6:59 pm
dan. who is osbourne? ozzy osbourne. yes. heavy metal, $400. stephanie. o is van halen? which one? eddie van halen. yes. names in american lore for $200. colby. who is johnny appleseed? right. names in american lore, $400. colby. who's john henry? john henry is the one. dan. who is sitting bull? sittin . correct.dan. heavy metal, $600. dan.

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